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The Bible states that the church is the body of Christ (Ephesians 1:22-23; I Corinthians 12:12-14), that he is the head of that body, and that each individual member is a part of that body.  The church is an organism, not an organization.

The Cross Point church is a part of the body of Christ.  It has elders, or shepherds, who determine the program of work for this congregation.  Since there are a number of good works or ministries that we could engage in, choices have to be made about which ones to focus on.  Our elders prayerfully consider what our direction and focus should be, under the umbrella commands of Jesus to preach the gospel to the lost, edify the saints, magnify God in worship, and minister to the needy.


The shepherds here at Cross Point setup these ministries to reflect the objective of “Pointing the Way to Jesus”. 

  • “Pointing In” to our church family
  • “Pointing Out” to our community and into the World
  • “Pointing Up” to God


Deacons and ministry leaders see that each specific area of work is carried out.  They involve as many members as needed to fulfill the duties of their ministry assignment. All members are encouraged to get involved in one or more areas of service where they feel their spiritual gifts can be utilized.  We’ll provide you with an involvement survey where you can indicate which ministries appeal to you.  Remember, too, that you don’t have to have permission from us to do good works in Jesus’ name!  We encourage you to find a need and fill it, whether through one of our designated ministries, on your own, or in cooperation with others.





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These ministries “point in” to serve the needs of our own church family. They offer numerous opportunities to get involved and help minister to Cross Point members, from teaching Bible classes and planning fellowship events to driving the church van and organizing educational supplies. Look at each ministry below to learn more about how you can use your talents and serve God by serving the Cross Point family.


Adult Education

Our Bible classes and small groups strive to help accomplish the Cross Point mission of “pointing people to Jesus.” The numerous classes offered for adults on Sunday mornings often become not only a forum for learning about the Bible and current issues facing our families and the church, but they also become communities of people who lean on each other, keep in touch throughout the week, and share life’s ups and downs. Most of our classes are led by talented volunteer teachers, and we’re always looking for new people to get involved in this ministry either through teaching or participating in a class or small group.


Children add flavor to life, experience, trial, joy and abundant blessing. We are thankful God has entrusted us with so many at Cross Point. From our precious babies and toddlers to our pre-teens, the range of knowledge and learning expectations expand and change as much as they do. Our Bible classes staff experienced teachers with hearts to serve, love and teach our children. We also incorporate spiritual growth through our extracurricular activites. We also treat your child individually by studying their learning style and working with them in the best way possible. Students with special needs are especially loved and welcomed by our Butterfly Ministry and Velcro Buddy system.


We encourage families to be their child's anchor and foundation in spiritual growth. We see this ministry as the family's support system, not back up plan or only option. We ask families join us on mission trips and encourage parents to chaperone events and to feel welcome any where we travel. Traveling does come up in our ministry, summer camp is highlight for many students, Kids in Action and service projects take us many places too! Many of our service events are designed to teach our students the core values of being a follower of Christ. From visiting the fatherless and widows to giving a cup of water in His name- the children of Cross Point are learning from the ground up what it means to follow in His steps.


College and Young Adults

Located in a city with thousands of college students and young adults, Cross Point is committed to helping people in this group to connect with each other, feel part of a church family, and stay attached to the body of Christ. Our goal for the CYA program is to equip the group members to be leaders and to develop an evangelistic spirit. One of the ministry’s popular events is a weekly off-site gathering on Sunday nights, where friends can be invited to a non-threatening environment for a period of food, fellowship and devotion. Other training and outreach goals include a CYA mission trip, retreats and conferences.


Education Resources

Our vibrant Bible class program couldn’t function well without a well-stocked and well-organized teachers’ resource room. Ministry leaders Steve and Connie Hamley lead a group of committed servants in stocking, maintaining and supervising the teachers’ resource room to make appropriate teaching materials available for our Bible classes, and they’re always looking for new workers committed to helping share the Word through Bible class support.


Fellowship Resources

At Cross Point, we believe in using our facilities more than just a few times each week for regular worship services. In fact, our facilities are always in use by various groups and ministries within the church. It takes a lot of elbow grease to prepare our Recreation Outreach Center for major fellowship events, and to clean it up when the events are over. The Fellowship Events ministry is ideal for people interested in using their physical strength and organizational skills to help serve the body of Christ.


Every church member has important skills and talents to offer, and at Cross Point, our goal is to help each individual find the best place for him or her to serve and grow. The involvement committee encourages members to get involved by organizing effective ministries, by facilitating communication between church leaders and ministry leaders, and by providing a new member orientation class, Cross Point 101, on a monthly basis.



MIA (Missing In Action)

When Cross Point members are absent from worship, they’re missed. The MIA program tries to make sure that we follow up with every missing member to encourage them and see how we can help them. Currently, a Sunday night outreach group is primarily responsible for reaching out to MIA members through calls, notes and visits.




Men and women who have retired from active employment have unique needs and unique gifts to use in serving and glorifying God. Through Cross Point’s retirees ministry, we provide opportunities for these men and women to participate in outreach efforts, personal work, fellowship activities and benevolence.



Without the transportation ministry, a number of our church members and visitors would be unable to attend our services. Through this ministry, volunteer drivers provide van service to worship and other church activities on a rotating schedule. Organizers are always looking for servant-hearted individuals to serve month-long commitments as van drivers.


Widows and Widowers

The book of James tells us that “pure religion” includes looking after those who have been widowed. Cross Point members attempt to meet the physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs of their widowed brothers and sisters through this ministry, which includes home and lawn care, transportation needs, and organizing the annual Widows Appreciation Dinner.


Women’s Ministry

Ladies at Cross Point have numerous opportunities to serve and fellowship. A number of various ministries are grouped under the “Women’s Ministry” umbrella, providing options for Cross Point women to grow in the Lord, serve, love and support others. These opportunities include Ambassadors of Love, baby showers, bridal teas, food teams, ladies’ retreats and scrapbook/hobby nights.



Student Ministries is an amazing group of students who love the Lord and are committed to following His path. It is the purpose of the ministry to make life-long followers of Jesus who are genuinely living out their faith. We achieve this purpose through a variety of ways: Interactive classes, inspirational worship, mission trips, retreats, service projects, youth conferences and many other exciting fellowship activities.




The Cross Point Singles Ministry (CPSM) goal is to provide an environment of service and fellowship for singles of all ages where all are welcome and their needs can be met for the glory of God and Jesus Christ, our Savior and Guide.

At Cross Point our goal in all things is to point people to Christ and to always be reaching out and being Jesus to everyone.


Younger Singles: Sunday Mornings at 9:45am



With a church-wide focus on community outreach, Cross Point is especially concerned with “pointing out,” or serving the community and the world around us. If you’re looking for a way to get personally involved in outreach, opportunities abound: Referee a soccer game, give blood, organize and distribute food and clothing for those in need, visit those in our local hospitals and jails. These are just a few of the many opportunities Cross Point offers for reaching out.


Addictions Recovery

Families affected by addictions sometimes don’t know where to turn, and our Addictions Recovery Ministry is focused on helping provide relief. This ministry works to connect people with addictions and their family members to recovery solutions through a supportive group environment, and to provide them with information that will lead them toward a place of healing.


Click here for Cross Point's Recovering options


General Benevolence

In Matthew 25, Jesus tells us that anytime we provide for the basic necessities of the people around us, we are doing those good deeds for Him. Through our Community Benevolence Ministry, Cross Point works to address the physical needs of people in our community in the name of Jesus. Often, this involves providing financial help for specific needs.


In-House Benevolence

While Cross Point is committed to serving the community around us, we’re also committed to helping our own family of believers. Every church member has an opportunity to help with this ministry each week by placing a monetary contribution in the white envelopes marked “In-House Benevolence,” available in the ROC foyer. Funds raised for this ministry are used to address the specific physical needs of Cross Point family members.


Community Service

There are plenty of ways for Cross Point to serve our local community, and our Community Service Ministry makes opportunities available and makes it easy for members to get involved. Some of the worthwhile community programs this ministry involves our members in are Meals on Wheels, Life South blood drives and Safeplace.



Friendship Center

Cross Point’s Friendship Center, located at the far rear of our property, has become known as a cheerful place where people from across our local community can find the food, clothing, furniture, appliances, and other items they need. All items and funds are donated and Cross Point volunteers work weekly to sort, organize, and distribute items, while sharing the love of Jesus with those in need.

Click here for the Friendship Center page


Grief Recovery

Losing a loved one is a painful, life-changing experience that most everyone will face at some point. Cross Point’s Grief Recovery Ministry aims to ease the grief process for our members and others by providing ongoing support and education about dealing with grief.


Guest Services

Guests often attend Cross Point services, and we’re committed to making them feel welcome from their first visit. Guest Services works to reach out to our guests from the minute they step onto our property by greeting them, acquainting them with appropriate Bible classes, offering them useful information about our services and our family, and following up after their visit. This ministry group is always looking for opportunities to make our campus more visitor-friendly, and for volunteers to help make each guest feel comfortable.


Hospital Visitation

Cross Point’s hospital visitation group looks after members of our church family who are hospitalized and offers assistance to the patients and their families. Members of this group make hospital visits and provide updates on each patient’s status to the church office. More volunteers are always needed for this ministry.


Jail Ministry

“I was in prison and you visited me,” Jesus says in Matthew 25, encouraging us to visit prisoners. Cross Point’s jail ministry volunteers aim to serve Christ by providing encouragement, worship opportunities, gospel teaching and assistance to people who are serving time in local jails. Through this ministry, a number of men and women accept Christ as their Savior and obey the gospel each year.


Missions Committee

Cross Point is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission by making disciples of Jesus Christ all over the world — locally, across the United States, and in foreign mission fields. Our Missions Committee leads these efforts and promotes opportunities for members to get involved in these mission works.


Nursing Homes

As our population ages, illness and immobility keep greater numbers of people from attending regular worship services. That’s why, at Cross Point, we take the worship services to them. For more than 30 years, groups of Cross Point volunteers have provided regular weekly worship opportunities and other activities for residents of local nursing homes. Currently, Cross Point teams conduct worship services at Columbia Cottage (led by Ronald McGee) and at Florence Comprehensive Care Center (led by David Willingham).

Contact: Columbia Cottage – Ronald McGee
Contact: Florence Comprehensive Care – David Willingham


Outreach Groups

In a church the size of Cross Point, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. Our small groups offer a perfect opportunity for individuals to connect on a deeper level with others who share similar interests. These groups meet on Sunday nights at 6 p.m. in the Student Center and each one has a different focus, including Bible study and relationship-building, following up with guests to our services, and preparing and delivering hot meals for needy families in our community.


Public Relations

We want to share with our community the good things that are going on at Cross Point in order to attract more people to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our public relations ministry helps share our news and goings-on with banners and signs for special events, brochures, newspaper ads and the church marquee.


Upward Sports

Upward is a sports ministry for children ages four through sixth grade that promotes salvation, character, and self-esteem in every child. Cross Point currently offers an Upward soccer league in the spring and fall, which provides opportunities for all church members to become meaningfully involved: The Upward ministry needs volunteers to pray for the program, coach a team, referee a game, share a devotion, and develop relationships in order to open avenues of ministry to the people of our community who participate in the program.

Click here for Upward Web Page


Guest ID and Follow-up

As part of our ongoing effort to make guests feel welcome at Cross Point, this ministry includes volunteers who make an effort to meet and greet guests at each service and follow up with them with cards, letters or phone calls. The group also supplies guests’ names and contact information to other ministry groups and provides the weekly “Visitors’ List” to the congregation each Sunday night.



While every Cross Point ministry is designed to glorify God, those classified as “pointing up” ministries are especially focused on worshiping Him. Use your talents to help reveal God’s glory and edify our church to pursue a greater worship experience each week



If we can’t hear what’s being said from the microphone, our worship service may be ineffective. Cross Point’s audio ministry works to provide quality sound and support for worship services and all church functions. Audio volunteers maintain and operate sound equipment and assisted hearing devices.


Communion Preparation

Each Sunday at Cross Point, we remember the death, burial and resurrection of Christ by taking the Lord’s Supper. In advance of our service each week, communion preparation volunteers prepare the trays of bread and fruit of the vine, and coordinate the distribution of the trays during the worship assemblies.



At Cross Point, we want to provide a warm, friendly atmosphere for everyone attending our Sunday worship services. Greeters at each doorway help accomplish this goal and offer assistance to people attending the assemblies. Greeting Ministry leaders organize volunteers to serve as greeters on a rotating basis to distribute bulletins and assist guests in locating Bible classes.


Spiritual Life

Continued spiritual growth for each individual is a top priority for Cross Point. Our Spiritual Life Committee works to promote, design and implement opportunities for spiritual enrichment for all Cross Point members, including special prayer sessions, retreats and seminars. This committee also provides prayer support for the church as a whole and for special needs that arise.



In the interest of providing a warm, friendly atmosphere for everyone attending our worship services, Cross Point ushers assist members and guests in attendance by meeting, greeting and helping people find available seats in the assemblies.


Living in the age of technology means that our services can be multi-faceted experiences appealing to various styles of learning; wecan share its message and reach out to the community in unique new ways. Our Visual Ministry provides high-quality visuals for presentations during services and technology support for all church functions. Volunteers involved in this ministry also provide general maintenance for the computers used for church services and functions.



Cross Point is dedicated to hosting meaningful, motivating worship services that will equip those in attendance to go out and do God’s work in our homes and communities. Volunteers working in our Worship Ministry help to design worship services that will meet these goals.

Daily Bible Verse 10/24/2017
And I will ask the Father and he will give you another Counselor who will never leave you. John 14:16 NLT

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