Cross Point Recovery Offerings

Point of Our Recovery New Day Worship Services:

Adult Center - Sundays 8:15 am and 11:00 am

The focus will be on recovery from any sin,
with emphasis still in the addictions community. Everyone is invited to join.


Point of Our Recovery (P.O.O.R.) is a simple gathering that is a weekly worship time
designed for anyone wanting to enlarge their spiritual condition.


When our lives become unmanageable, we must seek out a new manager.
His name is Jesus of Nazareth and He is our Point of Recovery.


Point of our Recovery is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who has been
disenfranchised with religion to have a fresh encounter with God and His people.


For transportation call Ken and Linda Smith at 256-764-3646


For additional information call David McCullough at 256-412-0010.


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Thursdays 7pm and Saturdays at 10 am

Free Babysitting on Thursday evenings for those attending Alanon

Located in Room 23 in the Adult Center

Alanon is for anyone with a relative or friend for whom drugs and alcohol have become a problem

For more information you may call Lisa M. at 256-577-7572

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Tuesday and Thursdays at 7pm in the large room in the Adult Center

Speaker meeting on the last Thursday of each month with dinner at 6pm and an AA speaker at 7pm

For more information you may call Art C. at 931-724-4971 or Lee F. at 256-762-9021

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

7pm in the Recreation Outreach Center (ROC) across from the restrooms

Free Babysitting offered on Thursday nights for those who attend NA

For more information call Phillip M. 256-577-7573

AA / NA / Alanon

Room 23 Adult Center - Sundays 6pm

Classes are available for children of all ages

For more information call Phillip or Lisa M. at 256-577-7573 or 256-577-7572


Additional Resources:

The Book of A.A.

National Institute on Chemical Dependency



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